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Body & Mind

Hello, fellow seekers of inner harmony and creative expression! I am excited to reach out and welcome you to this vibrant space where the rhythms of web design, the grace of belly dance and the serenity of yoga come together to ignite a transformative and creative journey.  

In a world that often demands conformity and stifles individual expression, I am here to create a sanctuary where authenticity is a top priority and where every soul has the power to thrive in their uniqueness. Whether you yearn to create a visually stunning digital presence, explore the mesmerizing art of belly dancing or harmonize mind, body and soul through the practice of yoga, you’ve come to the right place.  Translated with DeepL.com (free version)


You need a Webpage?

Together we create

Vision Board

I develop a design proposal and implement your website in WORDPRESS or WIX and make adjustments in HTML and CSS.

Webdesign Daniela Hafner


You want to become still?

Through meditation and yoga exercises, we learn to observe our thoughts. Finally, we gradually lift the veils that cover our innermost thoughts. In this process you will connect to your


I come in your company for

Yoga and Meditations Events.


Oriental Bellydance

The Highlight for your Event!

Your event will be unforgettable with an oriental belly dance performance! I will entertain your guests in a charming, aesthetic way and encourage them to dance along.

Whether in your restaurant or wedding or at the big


I conjure you into the oriental world of 1001 nights.

Orientalische Bauchtänzerin Daniela Patricia Hamburg


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